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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. A guide to stickers for bikes

    Customisable stickers are incredibly versatile and can be put to all kinds of wonderfully creative uses. Here, we run you through some ways you can use our high-quality, super-durable stickers to upgrade your bicycle.

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  2. Why use a front-adhesive sticker?

    A front-adhesive sticker is a great tool to mix up the ways you can display your design or logo. They’re produced in much the same way as our clear-gloss stickers, but have the sticky part on the front. You can use this kind of sticker in ways that a traditional sticker can’t be used.

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  3. What is a design proof?

    You may have seen us referring to the handy design proofing system we provide on all orders, but you might not know what this means and how you benefit from it.
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  4. What kind of sticker do I need?

    We’ve got plenty of options to help you create a sticker that ticks every box and looks fantastic, but if all the lingo is a sticking point for you, read on to discover how we can create stickers that are perfect for you.

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