About Us

Our objective at Sticker it is to give everyone access to the highest quality custom products along with amazing customer service.

We often find that because something is custom, the quality drops or the service is terrible. We want to solve both of those problems.

We constantly invest in improving our customers experience, new production methods, ordering systems, product ranges and more to stay at the forefront.

We always believe we can improve (even Roger Federer still has a tennis coach). If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear it. Simply contact us and we’ll get in touch with a big thank you.

Sticker it is a trading name of Kartdavid Limited. Kartdavid has been creating the finest quality custom graphics since 2007.

Registered office: Stonehaven, Breach Hill Common, Chew Stoke, Bristol BS40 8YG, United Kingdom

Company number: 08234971

VAT registration number: GB 995280966


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