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How do I apply my stickers?

Very simply if you follow these instructions:

  1. Clean the area you’re going to apply your sticker to (this is the most critical part). Get it super clean by using an alcoholic cleaner or glasses wipe.
  2. Remove your sticker from the backing paper and place it lightly onto the area you want to apply it. If it’s not exactly where you want it, simply peel up and start again.
  3. Working from the centre of the sticker out apply pressure to the sticker to ensure it sticks securely. You can use your thumb, or a squeegee if you’re a pro. 
  4. If you get any small bubbles, simply lift the sticker a little and re-apply the pressure with your thumb.

TIP#1: be patient, and you’ll get great results.

TIP#2: use heat from a hairdryer if you’re applying your sticker to a curved surface, such as a car wing mirror

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